Rajatt Parr, Misturado 2020

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70% Mencía (cuttings from Envínate’s Camiño Novo Vineyard in Ribeira Sacra)
~30% Palomino (from old vines in Fresno) + Merenzao (from Phelan Farm’s own vines)
The roots of Phelan Farm stretch back to the 1850s, when the Phelan family founded a homestead on Steiner creek. They worked the land, planting a variety of crops and raising animals. In 2007, Greg Phelan planted four plots of own-rooted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in areas cooled by Pacific winds. Since 2019, Raj Parr has leased 12 acres here, and planted a large
variety of different grape varieties that are suited to the area’s cold climate. The vines are farmed regeneratively, with close attention to the larger ecosystem and an emphasis on the interconnection between the vineyard and uncultivated nature.
One of these plots holds Mencía, grown from cuttings that Raj brought back from Envínate’s Camiño Novo vineyard in Ribeira Sacra, Galicia. From these vines, and a small amount of adjacent Trousseau, Raj makes his Misturado de Cambria, a tribute to Envínate’s Misturado de Abeleda