Malacari Montepulciano Rocca 2019

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100% Montepulciano

Certified Organic

Marche, Italy

The roots of wine production in Conero (located in the middle of the Marche) date back to the 10th century BC, during the Etruscan period. Compared to that, the Malacari family's 500 years in the region seems rather brief, though they are one of, if not the longest, continually operating winery in the region. Alessandro Starrabba is at the helm of the winery and is the current generation of the Malacari through his mother's side of the family. He makes some of the best value (and super soulful!) Montepulciano to found in Italy. Both his Rosso Conero Villa Malacari and the more modest Rocca bottling offer tons of character at very modest pricepoints. 

Offagna is in the heart of the Rosso Conero appellation with some of its most prized vineyards - no surprise tha the Malacari family has had vines there since the 1600's! The soil varies slightly from vineyard to vineyard but is a mix of limestone, chalk, clay and sand. The Villa Malacari is aged in large, neutral botti whereas their top bottling Grigiano is aged in a mix of new and used tonneaux. The Grigiano ages as well as any Rosso Conero on the market. Infact, a 26 year old version tasted recently was vibrant and youthful! These wines are full of character and offer a level of quality that should not be overlooked.