La Montañuela, Los Enamorados 2020

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Sparkling Cider fermented on grape skins
Champlain Valley, Vermont, United States
26 varieties of wild and cultivated apples fermented on La Crescent and Frontenac Gris grape skins. The grapes are from the La Garagista Vergennes and West Addison vineyards; the apples come from trees throughout the Champlain Valley and southern and central Vermont. 

Camila writes: “The La Crescent and Frontenac gris were made into separate wines not used for this cuvée, however, after they were pressed individually. I saved a portion of the pressed skins and froze them until the cider was ready. Over the course of 4 months (September-December) Apples were stored in a covered yet open area of the winery where they sat for 4-5 months before processing. During that time they went through the process of freezing, thawing, freezing and thawing which concentrated the sugar and flavor of the apples. Once processed, around March 2021, a portion of the grape skins of La Crescent and Frontenac gris were added to apple pomace for two weeks before pressing and then the rest of the skins were added to the juice after pressing. A month later the skins were removed and the cider was bottled as pet nat. No disgorgement. No temperature control. Apple pomace was fermented in 32 gallon brutes then moved into a flex tank after pressing.  

2020 was a near perfect vintage as far as weather was concerned during the growing season. However, the yields for apples were very low all over the state due to cold and rainy weather during blossoming. Bird pressure was intense during the harvest season due to the hurricane down south that must’ve rerouted some birds and kept others from migrating.” 10% Alcohol, 114 bottles made.