Domaine Montessuit - Ayze Grande Réserve Méthode Traditionelle NV

Domaine Montessuit - Ayze Grande Réserve Méthode Traditionelle NV

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100% Gringet

Practicing Organic

Ayze, Savoie, France 

From the importer-

No one could have expected what followed after Jacky Montessuit asked his two sons for some help managing the tiny 0.5 vineyard that Jacky’s father tended. Working as an engineer and builder respectively, Nicolas and Fabrice Montessuit quickly realized that the vineyards of Ayze were calling to them, and four years later the Montessuit brothers had left their former careers to dedicate their days to preserving their grandfathers tiny 0.5ha vineyard. Shortly thereafter, the brothers began to add to their minuscule holdings—and in 2011, Domaine Famille Montessuit was born. Now stretching across 8 hectares, Nicolas and Fabrice tend to some very special plots: they currently work a 3ha vineyard previously farmed by the Vallier family in the Côte d’Hyot that had been left untended for a number of years. Certain parcels are situated on plots as high as 600 meters up. Their vines range from 70 to 115 years old. These two brothers have quickly become true stewards of Ayze, as their work in the vineyard demonstrates a true investment in farming without excess chemicals. Sheep and chickens are used to combat weeding. They incorporated oregano and other plant-based treatments to combat fungal disease. The domaine is expected to be certified organic by the end of 2021. All harvesting is done by hand.