Domaine La Folle Berthe, Les Folles Bulles NV

Domaine La Folle Berthe, Les Folles Bulles NV

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100% Chenin Blanc

Biodynamic, Pétillant naturel

Anjou-Saumur, Loire Valley, France

From the importer-

After fifteen years of office work in Paris, David Foubert packed up his bags for Saumur. After studying with Melanie Hunin of Domaine Mélaric and working for vignerons such as Sébastien Bobinet, Sébastian David, and Bruno Duchêne, David was finally able to take over some longtime biodynamically-farmed plots from Phillip
Gourdon, who had just retired at the time from Château Tour Grise in Puy-Notre-Dame. When looking for a home to vinify his first vintage in 2014, David’s teacher Melanie allowed her old student access Domaine Mélaric’s cellar. Shortly after, David discovered an abandoned cellar he patiently restored and began to work out of the following year. David currently farms 4.3 ha of Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, and Pineau d’Aunis in Saumur. These certified biodynamic wines require some patience from drinkers as David does not shy away from a slow fermentation and long élevage. Drinkers will be rewarded with wines that a fully realized and brim with the energy and finesse. A final fun fact: the name La Folle Berthe (meaning crazy bear in French) comes from a pun on David’s last name...Foubert!