Champagne Delalot, Champagne Pléiades Extra Brut (NV)

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75% Pinot Noir 25% Pinot Meunier


Champagne, France

He hails from a tiny town in the Marne where his mother farmed pretty traditionally as he was growing up, but mostly sold the fruit off. He went off to study art and play in bands but throughout his career he was able to taste special wines that changed his mind about winemaking. He decided to go back to his family parcels and immediately began converting the vineyards from the conventional style of farming after reading books on Biodynamics and most notably Fukuoka’s The Green Revolution. He has managed to build up his parcels to a whopping 1.5 hectares of mostly Pinot Meunier with a little Pinot Noir and a recent acquisition of Chardonnay, so in true grower fashion, TINY AMOUNTS. He was saying that he often time doesn’t have enough yields for a full barrel so will utilize demijohns in the cellar.