Buelan Compañía De Sacas, Nevado (NV)

Buelan Compañía De Sacas, Nevado (NV)

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Palomino Fino, Airen, and Pedro Ximenez


Andalucia, Spain

Nevado is a bottling of unfortified Palido from the Gomez Nevado estate, in the Sierra Morena mountains of northern Andalucía. This super traditional, long-time organically-certified estate is the last of its kind, bottling flor-aged and biologically aged wines from vines of Palomino, Arís (Airén) and Pedro Ximénez. Nick worked with Carmen Gómez Cabello to bottle a younger expression of their Palido, aged only about 3-4 years, that has previously only been available at local restaurants and bars. Fresh, bright, and complex, Nevado was bottled En Rama and will gain in complexity with bottle age.