Naturale Vermouth Rosso

Naturale Vermouth Rosso

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Nero d'Avola + organic herbs & botanicals


Sicily, Italy

Naturale is a joint venture between two close friends whose work both focus on artisanal, organic ingredients: Giusto Occhipinti of the winery COS in Acate, Sicily and Simone Sabaini, founder of the artisanal chocolate producer, Sabadi, in Modica, Sicily. Their idea was to realize a vermouth project “…dove il protagonista é il vino…” where the protagonist is the wine. The project is inspired by their friendship and their love for Sicily. The products themselves are Sicilian in every way, the base wine is Sicilian but also many of the herbs and aromatics used in the products are Sicilian as well. Their initial releases from Naturale include a red vermouth whose base is Nero d’Avola, an orange vermouth whose base is Moscato, and a Bitter Vino whose base is Cerasuolo di Vittoria. These are all drinks which are great on their own as an aperitivo or digestive but can also be used to enhance cocktails or create new ones!