Azienda Agricola Fabio de Beaumont 'Don Fa' Fortified and Aromatized

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My company is located in Castelvetere sul Calore(AV) – Campania. In the past the owner was my grandmother who sold the wine untill the 80’s. In the 2014, while I was studying law in Rome, I decided to come back to my land to renew the company and I started to sell the ancient flavored wine liquer recipe of my family and the ancient recipe of franciscan friars walnut liqueur recipe. About Don Fa’ flavored wine liqueur: I produce wine from organic aglianico and barbera grapes. The vineyards are at 700 mt up the sea level and the soil is clay and calcareous; we harvest in the end of october. In the month of july we flavor the wine with sour cherry leaves.. we put the leaves in to the wine for 3-4 months and then we filter the wine wich ages in steel for one year. Then we fortified it with sugar and alcol and it is ready. Fra’ Amedeo walnut liqueur: we have our walnut trees and in june we pik the walnut husk, we broke it and we put it in infusin into the cereal alcol with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. After 60 gg we add the sugar sirup. The liqueur age in glass for 30gg then it age in steel for two months and then we bottle it without filtering.