Weingut Idler, Trollinger Gutswein 2022

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100% Trollinger

Certified Organic, Practicing Biodynamic

Wurttemberg, Germany

From the importer-

It was a long and winding road that led us to Marcel Idler. We’d known his friend and neighbor Andi Knauß for years, and had driven past Marcel’s home and tasting room on many a trip to Swabia. His friend and mentor Helmut Dolde kept telling us we should try his wines. When we finally connected shortly before Covid hit, we kicked ourselves for the stars not aligning sooner. Now, another two years and several logistical hurdles later, Marcel’s wines have landed stateside. 

Simply put, Marcel Idler is driving the vanguard of Swabian winemaking along with the likes of Andy Knauß and Jochen Beurer. They are the new generation exploding quietly onto the scene, upending norms and turning the traditional way of doing things inside out, but with respect and grace. Their approach is light touch, low extraction, full of life yet incredibly precise. Their wines are gentle but somehow powerful, much like their demeanors.

Marcel’s vineyards are comprised of 30-35 individual parcels, all within a 2 km radius of his winery and home. Twenty-five percent of his vines are planted to Trollinger. In Marcel’s words:

“There is a little Swabian brainpower and understanding [involved]. That is why we do everything we can to preserve the valuable aromas and to make them tangible in the wines. Anything else would be nonsensical. A gentle harvest is the basis. Without much technical influence, we carefully develop our organic wines in wood and stainless steel.

Even if ‘putting your hands in your lap’ doesn't exactly correspond to the Swabian mentality, it is the most important part of our cellar work. It takes time and rest to bring characterful wines to the bottle. Wines that will be remembered, that are multi-faceted and profound and reflect the locations, soils and the vintage.”

We are honored to finally bring you Marcel’s wines for a very first taste. He has shown us that patience is a virtue, in fermentation and in life. Now we can all reap the reward. 

This Trollinger Gutswein is the texbook definition of Swabian glou glou. Intensely fresh, bursting with bright red cherry aromas, and coating the tongue with ever-so-soft tannins, this light and zippy Trollinger is best served chilled and enjoyed on all occasions.