Bichi Pet Mex 2020

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Mission ++


Baja California, Mexico

As in previous years, this wine comes from San Antonio de las Minas. At Bichi, we’re not crazy about grape varieties—we’re more crazy about the place, the soil, the vineyards. We’re also very lucky to work with very old vines. In 2016, we bought an old vineyard in San Antonio de las Minas and were told that it was all Mission grapes. Turns out, it had some Mission, but most of it was something different, about four varieties total. We can’t say with certainty what they are, but the Pet Mex, for example, is a mix of these grapes, and every year, the wine changes. We never know exactly what that mix is going to be. The grapes are hand-harvested, de-stemmed,
and pressed after a few hours on the skins. Fermentation is with wild yeasts, and the wine is bottled before fermentation is finished with some RS left over. No filtration or added SO2.