Zaro Family Cellars Refosc Eazy 2020

Zaro Family Cellars Refosc Eazy 2020

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100% Refosk


Izola, Slovenia

Slovenia’s idyllic slice of the Adriatic, dotted with seaside villages and vineyards, is the intercies between the ancient Refošk grape variety and coastal Adriatic cuisine. This combination has resulted in a wine unique to the region and very useful to have on hand when it comes to seafood. Tourists drink oceans of Istrian Malvazija, but the locals will often opt for red Refosk depending on the dish. Especially if the restaurant has a good “open” Refosk. This is a reference to a wine that does not make it to bottle but instead is sold locally on draft. While ubiquitous to the region, a red wine of this style and function is a rarity here in the US. What other red wines are drinkable, let alone enhance strong seafood like tinned fish, mussels, mackerel, squid ink risotto, raw tuna, cured anchovies? This is not to say it is for seafood alone. It is often the accompaniment of choice with local salt cured ham Pršut

Eazy comes from the Zaro family cellars in Izola. Organically cultivated vineyards a stone’s throw from the sea. Grapes were destemmed crushed and allowed to macerate for 1 week. Spontaneously fermentation. 1 year aging in inox, bottled unfined unfiltered. It’s dark color belies its freshness and drinkability. Peppery, mentholated and fruitful with zingy acid and the briny salinity so complimentary to seafood.