Yann Bertrand, Saint-Amour Les Bambins 2020

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100% Gamay


Saint Amour, Beaujolais, Burgundy, France

From the importer-

Growing up in Fleurie, Yann Bertrand never thought he would become a winemaker. He briefly enrolled in commerce at a local university, and then travelled around the French Alps for a few years. When applying for local jobs, he noted that he was the son of a vigneron and soon found himself working at wine bars and wine shops, surrounded by passionate wine geeks and artisan winemakers who often came to deliver wine themselves. Tasting wines in a new way, he began to ask himself some questions, and eventually decided that the métier of a winemaker would be interesting to him if he pursued it with the same passion as the role models he encountered. 

30 year old vines in average grown on blue volcanic rock and schist. Cold, semi carbonic maceration between 10-12 degrees for a period of 15 days without manipulation. 7 months aging in 225-liter in used barrels (minimum 7 years old). Racked by gravity. Bottled unfiltered by gravity following the lunar calendar. No sulfur added. Approx annual production: 330-350cs.