Where's Linus, Sauvignon Blanc 2020

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100% Sauvignon Blanc


California, United States

Chris on the wine: “Chris Schlies, the managing partner of the vineyard in Lake County where the grapes come from, is a great guy whom I admire also for his previous career. As a long-time lawyer, he’d always take on pro-bono works fighting for everyday people – helping folks out with wrongful termination cases, green card issues, and labor disputes. The dude loves to help marginalized people who otherwise would be taken advantage of steamrolled by big business and other oppressive institutions. A true friend of mine.”
“As for this 2020 white, the wine took a bit of time to get its spontaneous ferment going (9 days) – but I feel that the microbiological diversity that occurred has led to a more complex and interesting wine in the end. Worth the wait! To add some razzle-dazzle, about 10% of the wine aged in neutral French oak and acacia barrels. The goal here was to make a fresh and lively wine with really minimum SO2 adds, and I’ve been fortunate to accomplish this goal. WhoopWhoop!”
Vineyard: Sandy Bend Vineyard, Alluvial Soils 1,200ft above sea level in Upper Lake, Lake County CA. Planted in 1996, certified Sustainable from 2013
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc 
Cellar: The grapes were pressed one day after harvest, with a small addition of SO2. After the slow spontaneous fermentation in tanks, the wine aged in stainless steel and neutral French oak and acacia barrels, to give it a bit of an aromatic lift and texture enhancement elements. Bottled in February without fining and without further sulfur additions (total SO2 12 ppm). 
Personality: Sunshine in a bottle. Take me to the tropical islands and pack some green mango salad & grilled chilli prawns along. Whoop Whoop indeed!