Sequerciani Toscana Oh Rosa! 2022

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100% ciliegiolo


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From ciliegiolo grapes, Oh Rosa! is born from an accurate choice of grapes with a suitable maturity for the production of a fresh rosè with an excellent acidity and a right sugar content.

The whole bunches, after manual harvesting in boxes, are gently pressed and the must obtained is transferred to stainless steel where, thanks to the yeasts on the skins, the alcoholic fermentation starts spontaneously.

At the end of fermentation, half of the wine rests in steel while the othesis refined in terracotta amphorae. 

Our intervention is limited to observation and respect for nature's time; we add nothing and take nothing away. No added sulphites or filtration.

Thanks to a perfect balance between freshness and soft fruit, with a supporting tannic structure, the rosé ciliegiolo is a very versatile wine. Drunk chilled, it is an excellent wine for aperitifs and starters, while served at a slightly higher temperature it goes perfectly with first courses such as pasta with vegetables or white ragu and tasty fish soups, or white meat and roasted or grilled vegetables.