Sicus - Sumoi 2017

Sicus - Sumoi 2017

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100% Sumoll

Practicing Biodynamic, Certified Organic

Penedès, Catalonia, Spain

From the importer-

70 year old certified organic Sumoll vines, known locally as Sumoi. The wine is fermented in anfora and aged in stainless steel.

Sicus is a small project started in 2009 by Eduard Pie, a young winemaker living in Bonastre, a small town south of Barcelona in Catalunya. Eduard is passionate and thoughtful when it comes to his work. His vines are certified organic, and he incorporates biodynamic practices, as well. He is an advocate for single varietal and parcel wines, he only ever bottles a specific grape from a specific parcel, wanting to showcase the unique differences in terroir of Bonastre and the distinctiveness of each grape he works with.