RIM Empordà, Empordà Sarau Negre 2020

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Carignan and Garnatxa


Catalonia, Spain

From the importer-

Jordi Esteve is the winemaker behind the RIM Vins i Vinyes. He began working in the lesser known/appreciated north eastern edge of Catalonia, Empordà in 2015, searching out forgotten vineyard sites. Jordi comes to us via Terra Alta wunderkind Francesc Frisach (of Celler Frisach), who told us, basically, we need to work with him NOW. 

He farms approximately 8ha in the village of Rabós d'Empordà. A relative newcomer to this small village, he proudly claims that all of his friends are in their 70s. These elder locals are a huge inspiration to Jordi in his approach to life, farming and winemaking. The RIM project is an exploration on how things use to be in this tiny, near forgotten corner of Spain. Production is small - just over 1000 cases annually. The vineyards are old. Farming is organic. Everything is done by hand, with native yeast fermentations and no additives (excepting a small amount of SO2 at bottling). The wines are a celebration of the unique meeting of sea and mountains that shapes this area along with the pure slate soils of these old vineyard sites. 

These wines have a profundity that speaks of old-world knowledge and a lifetime of experience. They wear their heat with grace and dignity, but its unmistakably there - none of these wines are silly or capable of being ignored. These feel like a nod to the "Natural Wine" of yore. Raw but not unpolished with the sense of care, intention, and significance someone blazing a new trail must have. The more I drink my way around the Costa Brava, the more charmed I am by these wines - the RIM wines are a perfect example.