Peter Lauer, Riesling Ayler Village Level Fass 2 Extra Trocken 2020

Peter Lauer, Riesling Ayler Village Level Fass 2 Extra Trocken 2020

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100% Riesling


Mosel, Germany

From the importer-

The style at Lauer is 180 degrees from his famous Saar neighbors, Egon Müller and Hanno Zilliken – the focus is on dry and off-dry Rieslings as opposed to the residual sugar (Kabinett, Spätlese, Auslese) wines of the latter two. Yet the hallmarks are similar: purity, precision, rigor, mineral. While the great majority of wines are sourced from the solid hillside of the Ayler Kupp, this single mountain is really an intricate tapestry of parcels and sub-parcels. Lauer bottles based on “fass”, or cask, numbers that are often aligned with the names of pre-1971 vineyard names. However, one shouldn’t take the fass numbers too seriously; they are based on the parcels that historically went into these fass and the style of wine they most often produced. One example, “Fass 6 – Senior” is based on a selection that Florian’s grandfather made every year for his personal consumption. On this barrel, he would write “Senior.” According to Florian, nine times out of ten, his grandfather would pick Fass 6, which held wine sourced from the western-most region of the Kupp. Thus, today, the wine from this parcel is called “Fass 6 – Senior.”

The Fass 2 is wine-dork crack; it is the most ruthless and mineral wine Florian makes, a baby "GG" with all the teeth-shattering force on a smaller framework. While these can be, shall we say bracing (?) in youth, they can make old bones. Maybe you've heard me tell the story of the 2008 Fass 2 that basically made Florian and me weep when we opened it in 2018. Oh lord. This will have a screwcap; I'm not particularly happy about that fact, but there we go.