Olivier Minot - La Boutanche Gamay 2020 1L

Olivier Minot - La Boutanche Gamay 2020 1L

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Organic, Vegan, No Sulfur Added 

Beaujolais, Burgundy, France

From the importer-

Olivier was introduced to us by our good friend, Eric Texier. For a while, he was selling all of his grapes to the local cooperative. However, since he is certified organic, he pressed them to pay a little bit more for superior fruit. Of course they said no, essentially faulting him for farming responsibly, and this is when he began to experiment with winemaking. We are glad he did because the result is glorious. From 70+-year-old gamay vines in southern Beaujolais planted in two parcels with sand and limestone-based soils, respectively. Classic semi-carbonic fermentation with native yeasts in cement tank with absolutely no SO2 added whatsoever.

About La Boutanche-

When we were first starting out, we quickly became disappointed with the lack of good natural wine in the $20 range. Not being the kind of people to say ‘well, it is what it is’, we got to work thinking about how we could remedy this situation. So, we started talking with our producers and, already knowing what we wanted - native yeast fermentations, low or zero SO2 additions, and the like; basically pure unadulterated glou glou that we could put into a liter-sized screw-top bottle and would be a great introduction to natural wine - it didn’t take long for us to find winemakers who were willing to partner with us on this project. All it needed was a name.

The first run of Boutanche was back in 2012. As you may remember, it had a bright pink label that read ‘La Boutanche’ with pig in a Hawaiian shirt polishing off a glass of wine above that, and not much else. The juice inside was what mattered (at the time it was Gamay made by Maison PUR), and the juice inside seriously overdelivered for its low retail price. It was an immediate hit. Flash forward to today and there are many different Boutanche: the Grasshopper (Andi Knauss), the fish (Frantz Saumon), the pig (Olivier Minot), the French bulldog (Quentin Bourse), the gorilla (Martin Texier), you name it. We are committed to expanding the line and having Boutanche be the first bottle you reach for around $20, either if it’s your daily go-to wine or if it will be your first natural wine experience. Boutanche is now synonymous with high-quality natty juice at a fair price, so stay tuned for new releases under this label.