No Control (Vincent Marie) - Les Crosses 2019

No Control (Vincent Marie) - Les Crosses 2019

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100% Chardonnay

Certified Organic, Praciticing Biodynamic, No Sulfur Added, Vegan

Auvergne, Loire Valley, France

From the producer-

This is the old name of the land registry parcel. The name of a land registry parcel is never innocent. “Les Crosses” (crozier in English) because horsetail is growing on this plot and when it becomes tall, it bends over to look like a bishop’s crozier. Direct pressing, settling, fermentation and ageing in stainless steel tanks. No added chemical inputs.

The way of working the vines is done considering living things, vegetable, soil and health. Since 2013, the vines are in conversion to an all-organic agriculture. My work experience with Patrick Meyer allowed me to learn and gain skills to practice biodynamic. Each year my plots get the basic biodynamic preparations i.e. 500P (cow-horn manure) and 501 (horn silica).

To work the soil I always chose a solution, which will avoid too many passages and soil settlement. I grow grass and bring mineral and organic matter, which are essential to the vegetable strength and structuring of the soil. I also would like to put simplified cultivation techniques (TCS) into practice. In fact, with a direct seeding process, we can obtain a high-density vegetable that we will crush and this will create a protective and nourishing mulching.

There is the one plot of Ménétrol that I work without any mechanization. It is the animal traction, the one of a horse, which will contribute to the good working of the microbial life.

Besides, for some months now I have been taking care of the Michel Augé’s beautiful mare called Praline, which is used to vineyard works. I am practicing animal traction with great pleasure. I can still make a lot of progress but the efficiency of the work combined with the affinity built with the animal, encourages me to practice and improve.

For the treatments, I follow the advices of the technical specifications for organic agriculture. Therefore, I use sulphur and copper to which I add herbal infusions and decoctions in order to reduce the doses recommended by the manufacturers. All in all, I try to follow Demeter’s technical specifications and once my vines will have the organic certification I will ask for Demeter’s certification.

Being a natural wine drinker since 2003, I couldn’t make any other kind of wine during my winegrower career. I don’t add any chemicals during wine-making process. The wines are made naturally in the cellar: no filtration and no added sulfites before bottling. The aim is to make pure, fresh, generous wines of high drinkability.

To do so we have to respect the grapes and avoid trituration as much as possible. That is why the grapes are hand harvested in 18 kg crates. White grapes are pressed carefully and slowly. Red grapes are put into vats in whole bunches for maceration, which will be more or less lengthy depending on the desired product.

The wines ferment with indigenous yeasts and are aged on lees in various containers. The length of aging is not decided beforehand. It will evolve depending on the wine, of its taste and potential. These processes enable the wines to have a strong aromatic potential and to express at best the terroir they stem from.