Maison Blanche 'Cease & Desist' VdF 2021

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The illusive clairet - a charming troll to Nicolas' uptight neighbors, the object of a media mogul family's lawyers cease & desist letters, and most importantly radically delicious rosé - is here for patio season! It is very short maceration Cabernet Franc with a drop of barrel aged Merlot splashed in for some color and structure. No so2 during vinification with 10ppm added before bottling. New school and old school blur into impish indistinction here at Maison Blanche, and this rosé is the prime example. We also received their ''second label'' Le Colombier de la Metairie: 50/50 Merlot & Cabernet Franc from nearby family vineyards fermented and aged in huge concrete tanks and a classic for grilling weather.