Les Dolomies - Les Combes  2018

Les Dolomies - Les Combes 2018

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100% Chardonnay

Certified Organic, Practicing Biodynamic, No Sulfur Added, Vegan

Côtes du Jura, Jura, France

From the importer-

“If I were to summarize my vision of agriculture then I would borrow the phrase from Saint-Exupéry which says: "The earth does not belong to us; It is loaned to us by our children." It is therefore important to accompany the earth in a respectful way so as not to leave traces of our passage.”

This effectively sums up Céline Gormally’s philosophy when it comes to her small estate in the small town of Passenans, to the southwest of Arbois. She and her husband, Steve, began acquiring parcels in 2008, when they received 1.44ha in the Les Combes vineyard from La Foncière Terre de Liens, a group that promotes organic agriculture all across France (more information on that is available here: www.terredeliens.org/la-fonciere). At the time, Céline was working with other estates in tandem with her fledgling operation, and it wasn’t until 2010 with the purchase of a few more parcels in Passenans and the nearby commune of Frontenay that they reached their current size of nearly 4ha and committed full-time to their own vines.

Biodynamic treatments made by Céline and Steve are used regularly in the vines, and they are certified organic. All vineyard work is done by hand or with a small tractor, and they are in the process of training their mare, Octavia, to do the tillage as to cut back their need for all machinery. Soils are rocky, rich in marl, with a deep limestone base that lends intense minerality to their wines.

The big focus here is on terroir, so winemaking is incredibly straightforward to let the individual parcels truly express themselves. All wines are fermented with native yeasts and aged in neutral barriques, with very little sulfur added, if any.