Lelarge-Pugeot, Gueux Extra Brut NV

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75% Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir, 5% Chardonnay


Vrigny, Champagne, France

From the importer-

Named for the village of Gueux just 2 km north of the Premier Cru of Vrigny, this Meunier-dominant blend consists of grapes from 2 parcels: Le linguet and Le patenais. The former is a south-east facing parcel of Pinot Noir planted on sandy soils in 2005, and the latter, an east-facing parcel of Meunier and 4 rows of Chardonnay on sandy loam and clay soils. The planting of 4 rows of Chardonnay was, in fact, a mistake on Clemence’s grandpa’s part back in 1965, but the grapes from these rows allow for even more complexity in this refined sparkling wine. Previously sold to negociants, the 2015 vintage is the first thatthe family has vinified and bottled the grapes for themselves.

Gueux Extra Brut is a luxuriously silky Champagne rich with aromas of preserved lemon, almonds and ginger tea and an addictive, lingering salinity on the finish.