Laurent Saillard - Blank 2018

Laurent Saillard - Blank 2018

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100% Sauvignon Blanc

Biodynamic, Vegan

Touraine, Loire Valley, France

From the importer-

Old-vine Sauvignon Blanc, done entirely in wood, it is fermented in tronconic vat before élevage in neutral demi-muid. Serious and elegant, which are two things we don’t normally associate with Sauvignon Blanc.

After many years working in food and wine in New York City, notably as co-founder and chef of ICI in Fort Greene, Laurent decamped to the Loire Valley to begin a new life among the vines making the wines he had always loved. At first he began working in the vineyard for both Noella Morantin and Clos Roche Blanche to learn the ropes, and began experimenting with his own wine in the cellar. After Noella purchased a few hectares of vines elsewhere, she transferred a portion of the parcel she had been renting within the clos to Laurent so he could began vinifying his own wine in earnest.

After a few small vintages, Didier and Catherine (the proprietors of Clos Roche Blanche) announced that they would be retiring. And with no children who wanted to take over the domaine, they offered it first to Laurent and another worker who was with them for years, Julien Pineau and they now each own 6 hectares of this historic estate. The transition went smoothly, as they both promised to continue farming the same way it has always been, and the wines are a fascinating new take on this unique terroir as Laurent comes into his own as one of the great winemakers in the region.

As you may have guessed, fermentations are done with native yeasts, and sulfur additions are minuscule depending on the specific needs of the vintage.