La Garagista Farm & Winery, La Montañuela Rocio 2020

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100% Marquette


Vermont, United States

From the distributor-

Farmed from a ½ acre plot of 12-year-old vines planted on clay, limestone, and silty loam soils. This year, for the first time, Camila did all of the farming in this vineyard. Grapes were hand-harvested and destemmed, then crushed by foot and put into macro bin. Fermented on the skins for 18 days without temperature control and with punch downs roughly daily. Then pressed to 80-gallon flex tank and a 14-gallon glass demijohn.A delicious red made from a small vineyard in Hinesburg,Vermont farmed by our assistant winegrower Camila Carrillo where she grows Marquette for her label La Montanuela, This cuvee is primarly Marquette blended in the old school style with a little bit of the la crescent she farms for herself at our West Addison vineyard. It dances on the tongue with the perfume of roses but with the weight of cheriries and earth.

Our wines are an expression of the season. Each vintage may herald slightly different bottlings, and even wines that we tend to make every year will show variation from vintage to vintage. This intrigues us. We work in the field and cellar as minimally as possible, as guides and companions. We believe that terroir encompasses geology, geography, microclimate, varietal, culture, and the human hand. Wine cannot make itself just like a dish of roasted carrots or an aged cow's milk cheese cannot. Our job is to accompany and support the wine throughout its life in the vineyard and our cantina.

Our fruit is handpicked and sorted, foot crushed through pigeage. We employ glass demijohns and old barrels. We hope some day to have an anfora. We rely on the native yeast found on our fruit, the result of a happy marriage of field and fermentation. We use little to no sulphite at bottling. It depends on the wine and the season.