L`Acino, IGP Calabria Rosato

L`Acino, IGP Calabria Rosato "Asor" 2020

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Magliocco/Garnacha Nera


Calabria, Italy

Dino Briglio founded L'Acino in 2006 with two childhood friends who have since amicably bowed out of the project. As natives of the mountain town of San Marco Argentano, the winery is a communal effort to express the oft-forgotten possibilities of Calabrian terroir. When the project began, the three friends were working full-time in unrelated fields: Antonello was a film director, Dino a historian and Emilio a lawyer. Though they had no viticultural or winemaking experience, their love of wine was enough to start an estate. And the trio's taste for vini naturali meant focusing their attention on organic viticulture and minimal intervention winemaking.

Coral pink in color. On the nose, after a slight opening on a balsamic note, the wine declines on fruity, floral and mineral notes. Cherry, raspberry, salt, lemon grass, mandarin, red mulberry, rose petals ... and something else! Quite full-bodied taste, despite only 12% ABV, round, and balanced, as in the finish the hardness prevails slightly, extending on a vivid freshness and flavor. Perfectly consistent with the nose, fruity notes prevail in the final intensity.