Jérémy Quastana - L'Insurgé 2019

Jérémy Quastana - L'Insurgé 2019

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Loire Valley, France 


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During his first year as a history student, Jérémy was Olivier Lemasson's (Les Vins Contés) only employee. After a year spending more time in the cellar than in school, Jérémy decided to give up history to follow his heart and enroll at a winemaking school in Bordeaux, interning with Marcel Lapierre (Beaujolais) and Louis-Antoine Luyt (Chile) along the way. After school, Quastana was able to purchase 2.2ha of his own in Touraine, and spent over two years just to rehabilitate the 40-50 years old vines of Gamay and Côt, converting them to organics. No new wood, bottled without filtration, and just 1g of sulfur.