Estacion Yumbel, Tinaja Secano Interior Valle del Bío-Bío 2020

Estacion Yumbel, Tinaja Secano Interior Valle del Bío-Bío 2020

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100% Moscatel


Sur, Chile

From the importer-

Mauricio is most definitely working low tech in his old wooden, dirt floored barn. In addition to no corrections on the wines, he employs a tiny old basket press, which he doesn’t even use every year, and an old mechanical de-stemmer that he shares with some friends. He dry farms 4 hectares of Pais, Malbec, and Moscatel, all of which bush vines planted on the volcanic soils of Secano Interior de Yumbel. He barely even uses copper in the vineyards and the wines are all zero zero and completely unfined and unfiltered. He produces somewhere around 18,000 total bottles a year where Pipeño accounts for just over half of that.

This is an orange/skin-contact wine that is organically dry-farmed and hand harvested. 80+ year old vines of Moscatel on granite soils. Fermentation takes place within 120-year-old ceramic amphoras with the skins and indigenous yeasts for a minimum of 5 months before bottling. It's wildly textured thanks to the light skin-contact and aromatic varietal. This funky juice has been bottled unfined, unfiltered and without the addition of any SO2, like all of his wines.