Domaine Les Serrals - Faugères Cricri d'Amour 2019

Domaine Les Serrals - Faugères Cricri d'Amour 2019

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Grenache and Cinsault

Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Practicing Organic 

From the importer - 

Chloé and Fred met when Fred had what he called "a boring job" in the petroleum industry and Chloé and left her career working for various non-profits, having fallen in love with wine working for an importer in London. He managed to charm Chloé by taking her to a bunch of "old people's" restaurants in Paris as he was a true fan of white tablecloth establishments and old-school fine dining. Over the next few years of searching for the perfect place to settle down with their two young children, they ultimately decided to dive in head-first and established Domaine Les Serrals in Faugères after finding the perfect plot of 6.4 hectares of vines in 2016.