David Kuicky, Seggs with my Eggs 2021

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Stredoslovenska, Slovakia

After interning with various natural wine makers around the world David settled back home to make wines of his own signature. Wild, unpredictable, smart, low alc. playful 0/0.
In South Central Slovakia in the commune of Veľký Krtíš, David Kušicky makes exuberant fruitful, fermented wines without any use of So2. This is not something he is cavalier about. He comes from a family largely dedicated to farming and wine making. The family estate Domin & Kušicky has farmed their 40 ha of vines organically since 2001. David has begun to process portions of fruit according to his taste. His winemaking travels and emersion in a global range of wines and styles have led him in what will surely be a new direction in winemaking for his family. He also hopes to convert the vineyards completely to biodynamic.