Cutter Cascadia - Zinfandel

Cutter Cascadia - Zinfandel "Come On, Come On" 2019

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From the importer -

This is an impossible wine to explain. On the first day, the wine was so savory, to say nothing of it's tensile, almost satiny-brisk energy, that I had a hard time contextualizing this as a Zinfandel. One day two, that perfumed fruit started to show itself, but still, it is simply unlike any Zinfandel I have ever had... and I mean in a brilliant way. Most expectations you have regarding Zinfandel will just not be relevant here. I guess you could think Zinfandel meets Jura Trousseau meets something from a very esoteric Northern Italian DOC? ...but that's a very thin rope to hold on to, admittedly.