Carolina Gatti - Pinpinea Rosé 2019

Carolina Gatti - Pinpinea Rosé 2019

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100% Raboso

Organic, Biodynamic

Veneto, Italy

From the producer-

The winery has been in private property since 1800, my father Lorenzo is a wine-maker, I, Carolina, am an enologist and my brother Lino is an agronomist, my mother Renata sees to the courtyard animals, the garden and the many flower plants that she grows, particularly, the orchids.

We run the vineyard by ourselves, 5 hectares of spur-pruned grapes (the so-called Bellussi system); moreover we own a handkerchief-sized land lot where we grow corn for the courtyard animals and cattle. We have a small shed where we breed some animals on hay (of own production) and corn powder. We breed them for meat, but also and first of all, because we need the organic substance from manure for the vines.

In the vineyard, all pesticide treatments are made with the conventional Bordeaux mixture or copper salts and sulfur, we do not use herbicides, we treat the vines “on plant” to be able to aerate the soil and roots and to control the weeds.

In the wine-cellar, we chose to let the fermentation processes take their course, using indigenous yeast of the grape skin, processing the grapes in concrete containers to reduce heat exchange with the outer environment and, consequently, mitigate the risks of product damage.

We apply frequent stirring technique for extraction of color and scents.

Our wines do not undergo any filtering or centrifugation; their settling and clarification occur through decanting and aeration.

We do some gentle filtering using a sock filter at the moment of bottling to control possible impurities.

The sulfite doses are minimal and are under rigorous control.

Since 2007, we’ve been bottling only the lots we consider the best.

Our precious wines are Prosecco on the lees and Raboso Piave.