Broc Cellars - Valdiguié Petillant Rosé́ 2017

Broc Cellars - Valdiguié Petillant Rosé́ 2017

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Mendocino, California, United States 


From the winemaker - 


The grapes are foot treaded and left on the skins for less than a day. We press into stainless steel tank and ferment the juice down to 18 grams of sugar. It is then chilled for 2 weeks to stop fermentation, then bottled. The bottles for the 2019 vintage took longer to finish than any other year – as it was a much cooler year until harvest. They were left on their side for 11 months and lightly disgorged by hand with no dosage. Every bottle touches at least 5 different sets of hands in the cellar and while disgorging. It is a true labor of love making a petillant wine. The best part about making this wine is how it is celebrated once it leaves the winery – fully enjoyed to the last drop.