Baia's Wine, Tsitska Tsolikouri 2020

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100% Tsolikouri
Imereti, Georgia
From the importer-
Baia and her younger siblings — Gvantsa (Sister) and Giorgi (Brother) were born and raised in Obcha in a friendly, traditional family of winemakers. They spent a happy childhood watching how parents and grandparents were involved in the diverse winemaking processes. Children were also allowed to arrange their own small farm with vineyards, greens, household animals and plantations, and spent their free time exploring the wonders of nature. At that time, the Abuladze family traditionally produced wine using Imeretian technology — the maceration process (soaking the juice of the grape with the skins and sometimes also the stems) was shorter and only 5-10% of grape skin was used during fermentation in Qvevri.

After graduating from college, Baia moved to the capital city of Tbilisi to continue her studies, however she did not find the intense urban life interesting and so after agronomical university she returned to her small town of Obcha where she has been actively promoting the wines of Imereti and growing her family winery.
Bright, crisp acidity, notes of green apple and pear and a clean finish