Musashino Brewery, Ten To Chi Heaven & Earth Junmai Daiginjo

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Koshi Tanrei Rice
Niigata Prefecture, Japan
  • Rich and gamey with notes of cereal grains and raisins
  • A rare junmai daiginjo that can be served warmed
  • Pair with heartier dishes like grilled duck breast
  • Koshi Tanrei rice milled to 50%

A savory junmai daiginjo, rich and gamey with notes of cereal grains and raisins. Try it with rich sashimi like tuna and salmon, but when matched with grilled duck breast this sake really shines. With a little gentle warming it grows even more complex, aromatic and smooth.

Made with Koshi Tanrei milled to 50% remaining. Designed for premium ginjo and daiginjo grade sake, Koshi Tanrei is grown locally, exclusively for Niigata sake producers. This was one of the first Koshi Tanrei based sakes released in Japan.