Where's Linus, Orange Lake County 2022

Where's Linus, Orange Lake County 2022

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100% Viognier


California, United States

From the winemaker-

Winemaker’s note on this 2022 novelty: “This wine is its own animal… It’s more of red wine with a ‘pigmentation deficiency’ than it is traditional white grape wine. The vineyard is a great location for growing the notoriously tricky white Rhone varietals, such as our Viognier here. The wind-battered South-Western facing slope gets hot in the day and cold at night allowing the fruit to get ripe but also hold on to its intensity of flavor, which was key when choosing a vineyard we could make a skin-fermentation white wine from.” 
Grape: Viognier
Vineyard: Shannon Ridge Vineyard’s Home Ranch at 2000 feet of elevation overlooking the Eastern End of Clear Lake, in the town of Clearlake, Lake County, CA. CCOF certified
Making of: The grapes spontaneously fermented and were pumped over once a day for a 12-day period. Obce pressed, the wine then spent a few months in a stainless steel tank with mixing (batonnage) every 3 weeks to introduce a greater depth of flavor and also smooth out the tannins. No sulfur added, bottled without fining or filtration.
Personality: very much true to Viognier, with its high-terpene-linalool notes. A substantial, aromatic skin-contact wine with smooth, dusty tannins and a unique textural experience.