J.B. Becker - Walkenberg Kabinett Trocken 2015

J.B. Becker - Walkenberg Kabinett Trocken 2015

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Rheingau, Germany


From the importer - 

Alright people - so there is no Kabinett Trocken in 2019...  so how about we unearth, direct from the cellar, a Kabinett Trocken from the legendary 2015 vintage? Coming to us this spring with six years of perfect cellar slumber, this wine is dense and biting and, honestly, still young...   on day one it was fierce and a lovely Riesling slap-in-the-face... and on day two it was only beginning to show its density and depth. I genuinely can't say much more - whether this wine will tell a great story or not it's too early to tell...  the wine itself is still in chapter one. As I've been known to say: age your Kabinett Trockens!