Les Dolomies -  Les Boutonniers 2018

Les Dolomies - Les Boutonniers 2018

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100% Chardonnay

Jura, France

From the importer -

Céline started Les Dolomies in 2008 in the Village of Passenans, not far from the city of Arbois. The name of the domaine is fitting, because Céline and her husband Steve are extremely interested in the limestone and marl strewn across the 5 or so hectares they tend. The parcels are finely delineated according to the color and type of bedrock and soil present. What's special about Céline and Steve's method is that they make individual cuvées from each small plot, which is quite rare in the Jura. Moreover, the whites are vinified in a ouille style, preserving a transparentcy and minerality in the wines. Coupled with the couples' biodynamic approach and hardline on intervention you have some of the most terroir driven wines in the region. Céline and Steve are deeply caring people, artists, who take their stewardship of the earth extremely seriously.